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We will continue to update this webpage with our latest thinking as the Coronavirus outbreak evolves. We encourage you to check back every now and again to read our latest thoughts.

Our Commitment to You

As always, and especially during uncertain times, we will be fully available to answer any and all questions. In the first instance, the most effective way for us to distribute our knowledge and experience is to share written content for all to access online. 

This is the perfect time to talk. If you would like to talk to a friendly voice about your own personal position and how the outbreak is impacting you, we encourage you to send us a secure message and Josh, Keith or Vicki will call you – or just try calling.

Our ambition through this uncertain time is to:

  1. Educate and focus our clients on the issues that impact them 
  2. Help our clients to grasp opportunities presented by this event
  3. Aid clients to ignore negative ‘noise’, which can otherwise cause fear and anxiety 

When the facts are clear, choices become obvious


Full list of Resources:

(This list will be updated as new content is added)

  1. boosst Continuity in a COVID-19 World – Click HERE to read. (Added 17th March)
  2. Market Falls in the Context of History – Click HERE to read. (Added 25th March)
  3. Top Tips for Staying Calm in Volatile Markets – Click HERE to read. (Added 26th March)
  4. Why are boosst not changing anything in my Portfolio? – Click HERE to read. (Added 26th March)
  5. Guide to the ‘Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme’ for Businesses, produced by local specialist firm ‘Independent Banking Consultants’,  Click HERE to Read. (Added 30th March)
  6. COVID Thinking for ‘Accumulators’ – Click HERE to read. (Added 24th April)
  7. COVID Thinking for ‘Retirement Approachers’ – Click HERE to read. (Added 25th April)
  8. COVID Thinking for ‘Income Requirers’ – Click HERE to read. (Added 26th April)
  9. Basic Financial Guide for employees, published by the CISI – Click HERE to read. (Added 5th May)
  10. Basic Financial Guide for the self-employed and small business owners – Click HERE to read. (Added 5th May)

What is the impact upon you and those closest to you?

Whilst the health impacts brought by COVID-19 have the potential to impact us all in the same way,  the financial impact of falling markets will impact our clients differently, depending on life stage and whether capital needs to be accessed. 

We have identified three key groups of clients that will see and feel the impact of COVID-19 very differently:


Falling markets mean that those building their investments can now buy global equities (shares in companies around the world) significantly cheaper than they could in February. In essence, investments being bought today appear to be excellent value, but only for an unknown period of time. History has shown us that those able to invest when others are running for the hills, have reaped the reward for the risk taken. Click HERE to read our Insight which specifically addresses this audience and highlights opportunities that accumulators can take advantage of. 

Retirement Approachers

For those who are within a few years of retirement, a market fall can clearly be un-nerving, especially when you have been diligently building your savings ahead of retirement. Making the decision to retire and ‘turn off your salary’ is difficult in an upward market, let alone a downward market. Click HERE to read our Insight which explains how our portfolios are designed to minimise losses for clients approaching retirement and how your thinking may change if this is you.

Income Requirers 

Our clients who are beyond their days of accruing assets and are now drawing an income from their savings have the potential to be hit the hardest by this event. Sharp market falls mean that more units of investment must be sold to achieve the same level of income but all is not lost. For the majority in this situation, travel, eating out, visiting the local and changing cars represent the majority of spending. With these things currently off-limits, short-term budgets can be reset and income adjusted accordingly. Click HERE to read our Insight which explains how our Financial Planning will have considered the impact of a market fall and  how re-assessing your income needs and reducing investment withdrawals through this market low will pay you back.


We thank you for the trust you have placed in us, and we hope you and your family remain healthy and safe.


Please be aware that the information we have shared in this Insight is for information purposes and is not individual advice. We make a conscious effort to check that all links to third party websites remain active and correct however we cannot take responsibility for their content or their availability.

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