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Last Updated: 17th March

This outbreak has impacted all of us in our homes, our work, and our communities. This article will explain how we have acted to ensure we can continue to provide the high level of service that our clients love. 

As a firm, we have taken steps to help protect the wellbeing of our team and everyone with whom we interact. We remain committed to engaging in meaningful conversations with our clients and providing the same high level of service. We will be using virtual meeting technology to connect in an environment that is safer for everyone. 

All of our team use IT systems that are suitable for home working, and a large portion of our team already worked from home one or more days a week before this outbreak. 

On Sunday 15th March the boosst Leadership Team decided to begin isolation of our team by working from home and closing our office to all visitors. This decision was motivated by our wish to protect ourselves from contracting the virus and ultimately from transmitting the virus to our clients, friends and family. At the time, we understood our decision to be ultra-cautious and ‘ahead of the game’… but just 24 hours later, the Government advised that all workers should work from home if they are able. 

Like most businesses, we have a robust Business Continuity Plan for events like this – and the very best way to test it, is to use it! 

We voluntarily put our business through a series of Accreditations and British Standards assessments each year to appraise our working practices and a key element of this is ensuring that we are prepared for every eventuality – even those which cannot be foreseen! You can read more about them herehere, here and here

Steps we have taken to continue supporting our clients:

  • We moved to a cloud-based phone system in 2018, meaning that all of the boosst team can speak to each other and transfer calls between ourselves, regardless of location. 
  • We use Zoom for virtual meetings, so we can continue supporting clients face-to-face. We also use Zoom to share our screen, so we can guide clients through their Financial Plan and key documents. Zoom also helps us to keep team spirits high with regular group video calls for the team to catch up and ensure that nobody feels isolated whilst working from home.  
  • Our team use Slack for instant communications, keeping everyone in the loop, on everything. It can be dangerously easy for work to be ‘lost in gaps’ between people when our team are spread out and working from their homes.  Slack means that we stay connected on everything, even though we no longer see or overhear what our colleagues are working on. 
  • All clients use our secure Personal Finance Portal for communication, which can be accessed by our whole team. This removes reliance upon any one team members email inbox.
  • Our office is isolated on family-owned land, so Josh, Keith & Linda can continue to access the building throughout the ‘lockdown’ and send/receive post.

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We thank you for the trust you have placed in us, and we hope you and your family remain healthy and safe.

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