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Annie Savage & Tony Buxton

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Annie & Tony share their boosst story…

Annie and Tony initially used our ‘the full boosst’ service to gain an in-depth understanding of their finances, before transitioning to our lighter-touch ‘a little boosst’ service.


“I was introduced to boosst at exactly the right time. I’d sold my Commercial Insurance business and my investments were scattered around in a rather haphazard manner. I’d been meaning to organise them but hadn’t got round to it. I realise that I had become very used to working hard, looking after the business needs of my clients but not treating my own portfolio in the same way… and I assumed I needed to continue working.

Josh, very patiently but with humour (indulgence) explored what sort of life I wanted to be living and restructured my finances in a way that allowed me to relax, knowing  that I could make choices with confidence and an awareness of my decisions.

The way in which my Financial Plan is structured and presented is so clear and my experience of dealing with the team has been an absolute joy. They are completely professional but fun to deal with – a rare experience in the financial sector. I’m now happily exploring a more creative life with time to pursue my interests in art, sculpture and psychology.”


“Originally I trained in Florence as a furniture restorer and ran my own business in Oxford for many years, making traditional and contemporary furniture. My interest in social history led me into the completion of a PhD and working as a Lecturer at Oxford University

Although Annie and I have known each other for many years, we set up our home jointly in 2014 and although some of our finances continue to be separately managed, we have gradually been combining our assets.

Josh has been hugely helpful in guiding us though the most effective way of achieving the things we want. He is skilled at listening and communicating with people and clearly explains the most effective way of managing resource. boosst have also reduced my investment costs whilst growing my portfolio. A ‘win-win’!

Working with Josh and the team feels very much a personal experience and I’m loving the confidence to scale down my academic work and go back to working with wood.”


“Annie and Tony are a wonderful pair of individuals and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them through the process of first tidying – and then joining their finances. 

With such a colourful range of hobbies and pursuits, it has been a joy to set them free from financial worry, to focus on their creative passions.

With her brilliant sense of humour, we all smile and race to open Annie’s Secure Messages as soon as they land – to hear about her latest escapades!”