Bernard & Lesley share their thoughts on their relationship with boosst…

Bernard & Lesley enjoy our ‘the full boosst’ service.


“We were introduced to Keith and the boosst team when we were seeking a recommended financial planner to help us plan for our retirement, at a time when I was facing important career decisions. Whilst we were aware that our potential retirement required careful consideration we soon learnt that we should have taken professional advice sooner.

We were in the fortunate position of having accumulated various pensions and some investments, however, we had not considered important matters such as whether to obtain protection for our pensions. It became clear that had we sought advice sooner I could have enhanced the sum above which additional taxes are payable.

However, the real benefit for us has been the detailed planning exercise that got us thinking in a much better and more informed way than we would have, had we simply used our own budgeting and spreadsheets.

Now, we have a plan, based upon agreed assumptions, that’s built upon our future lifestyle choices. We now know when we can stop working and we have scheduled meetings to update our plan and keep us on track.”


“Having seen how professional financial planning is helping Bernie and me, my family have now made use of the team’s knowledge and experience so as to tidy mum’s finances which are complicated by the arrangements put in place by solicitors when our father passed away.

Helping us to understand and tidy mum’s affairs has been a very valuable exercise, providing peace of mind for mum and clarity for my sisters and me.

The fact that we can now discuss matters arising with the boosst team gives us confidence as well as peace of mind.”


“Bernard and Lesley have many hobbies and interests, such as their beekeeping, which ensure our discussions are always enjoyable.

Some of the work we have undertaken has been very technical addressing topics such as Defined Benefit pension options, Lifetime Allowance tax charges and Inheritance Tax planning.

We are now looking forward to Bernard and Lesley deciding when they fully retire and to hearing about the exciting plans that they have for themselves and for helping family members.

Bernard and Lesley benefit from the full boosst service to monitor their plan and ensure their finances are managed efficiently – allowing them to live the life that they wish to.”