Chris & Kate share their thoughts on their relationship with boosst…

Chris & Kate enjoy our ‘the full boosst’ service.


“We first met Josh as I was contemplating retirement after a long career as an NHS consultant.

I was fully intending to retire at 60 but I needed to understand the financial and tax implications.

Josh helped us develop and to understand the key aspects of our Financial Plan. We were able to look at our current expenditure in detail and Josh modelled the relationship between income and expenditure in various scenarios long into the future.

We spent a lot of time discussing and reflecting on what we wanted from retirement and what our lifestyle would look like.

Josh demonstrated with planning software that I could indeed stop working and still be able to fund the lifestyle that we aspired to. In fact, he showed us that that I could afford to retire a year earlier than I had anticipated. I certainly would not have had the confidence to take an earlier retirement without Josh’s advice.”


“By showing us that Chris could retire earlier, Josh’s planning gave us an extra year of retirement together, which has been a huge bonus.

We can now concentrate on pursuing our various interests with the financial confidence that our chosen lifestyle is affordable into the future.

We now meet up with Josh annually for a review and to confirm that everything remains on track.”


“Chris and Kate have always been a pleasure to spend time with and support.

We started off with some technical work to help mitigate any unwanted Lifetime Allowance Charges and ensure that everything was in place for an early retirement.

Having helped Chris and Kate transition in to retirement, they now benefit from the full boosst service to keep their finances smooth and efficient – allowing them to continue their travels with peace of mind.”