Robert & Hilary share their thoughts on their relationship with boosst…

Robert & Hilary enjoy our ‘the full boosst’ service.


We were referred to Keith and the team in 2004 when we returned to the UK after a period working in the US. The help and guidance we received was invaluable as we worked to sort out our financial affairs in both the UK and US. Importantly Keith offered wise and sensible advice which allowed us to move money back to the UK in the most effective manner. He has also guided us since we started our own company, advising on the most efficient taxation strategies.

We have been impressed with the breadth of valuable knowledge and advice that has helped us to achieve optimum returns on our money and greatly helped our future planning.

During the time we have dealt with the team, we have appreciated that they have constantly strived to improve the services offered; in particular, we have noticed the investment in technology and software to deliver the best possible future planning.


Over the years Keith has also been a tremendous support helping sort out family finances, not just our own, always offering excellent solutions for investments, pensions and inheritance planning in a clear and easy to understand way. We have come to trust and value Keith (and the team) and feel very comfortable that our finances are being well looked after.


“Hilary and Robert have presented us with a number of challenging questions and have at times required complex technical advice, from bringing funds from US to UK, Final Salary pension considerations, and estate planning during lifetimes and sadly after family losses too. Our work in these areas has also seen family members well cared for during periods of poor health,

It has been a real pleasure to work with Robert and Hilary, the boosst teams’ real reward is that they are both so happy and living life to the full.

Having helped Hilary and Robert to achieve their desired lifestyle, they now benefit from the full boosst service, keeping them fully informed and most importantly confident to make further important lifestyle decisions with clarity thanks to our detailed lifestyle planning.”