Concluding this series for 2020, here is our final ‘5 to 9’ team update. 
With a name inspired by the things we have been doing outside of working hours, here you will find plenty of social activities, team achievements and personal touches. This ‘5 to 9’ post is shared by Gabby.

As the days have got shorter and the weather has cooled into the Autumn and Winter months, the boosst team have continued to find ways to enjoy time outside of work with their families.  

Jennie has been enjoying the great outdoors, much to her fox red lab Luna’s delight! They have been going on lovely long walks in the local countryside where Luna enjoys picking up the biggest stick she can possibly find. What she doesn’t realise though, is that the little bridge they cross on the way back doesn’t really accommodate these sticks – she hasn’t quite figured out how to navigate this!

After the long walks in the cold air, Jennie has found that there’s nothing better than some home-made hearty meals. Jennie is quite the chef and has been cooking up delicious home-made pies, toad in the hole and stews for her husband Nick.  We think it’s the fantastic food that has convinced Nick to paint their home office feature wall a fantastic shade of boosst purple! 

Chloe has been enjoying some beautiful walks around her future wedding venue with her fiancé Ben. They were due to get married earlier this year but had to postpone due to lockdown. They are very hopeful for their new  2021 wedding date and are counting down the days! I think Chloe is also secretly quite happy that she gets to wear her ‘last Christmas as a Moran’ jumper one final time!

In November, we also had another very successful boosst team social – this time it was gin tasting!

We were each given 5 miniature bottles, each containing a mysterious gin, along with different tonics and garnishes. We then had to guess the brand of the gin, the alcohol percentage and the price of a standard size bottle. Safe to say, this was not straightforward (much harder near the end of the evening!). We also had gin related trivia questions to answer between the rounds. It was another brilliant night for the boosst team, and another chance for us all to relax and enjoy some much-needed time together. 

The team have also had some big achievements over the last few months…..

On the exam front, Mel is absolutely racing through his development plan, with his latest exam pass being ‘R02 – Investment Principles and Risk’. After completing this exam, Mel was invited to sit in on our Investment Committee meeting, to help solidify his new knowledge and see how the areas he had studied fit into day-to-day practice at boosst. 

I have also received the fantastic news that I passed my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) case study. Over 10 weeks I had to build a very detailed financial plan for hypothetical clients and help them to achieve their objectives using the resources available. There are less than 900 Certified Financial Planners in the UK (we now have 4 at boosst!), so as you can imagine, the examiners do not make the case study straightforward! This was a real challenge, but it has really helped me to pull together everything I have learnt over the past few years as a trainee financial planner. I have now reached the end of my development plan and start my next journey into becoming a Financial Planner myself at boosst. I couldn’t be in a better place with the amount of support and guidance that I have here. 

boosst’s biggest achievement though, has got to be that we won the national Accredited Financial Planning Firm of the Year Award. In what has been a challenging year for everyone, to be awarded this in the midst of a global pandemic has made it even more of a special achievement for the team! If you haven’t seen it already, our video below shows the point at which the victory was announced and some socially-distanced pizza and celebrations by the team!

As Christmas draws upon us, it’s a great time to reflect on the year and start to plan for 2021. We hope you and your families have a lovely, relaxing Christmas and we all look forward to supporting you in the New Year!