Financial planning has never been more valuable.

2020 has shown us time and again the value of lifestyle planning.

boosst clients who have chosen to benefit from our the full boosst service (which includes detailed future cashflow planning) will all have their own reasons for valuing our services more in 2020 than other years.

Some clients have completely reevaluated their lifestyles and decided that they should no longer do X and have sought a revised plan. Selling a business, property or other assets so as to enable their change of course.

Some of our clients have had to give up X, maybe because new rules make it impossible, too risky or simply no longer pleasurable.

Many have found a new X; be that a new way of holidaying in the UK, a greater focus on health & fitness, new ways to spend time with friends & family, or for many, X is a new hobby.

We now head towards what looks like being the toughest winter since World War Two, with restricted socialising, many working from home and everyone trying to avoid exposure to Covid – whilst we wait for Spring to slow the spread… and the promised vaccine. The weeks ahead may be tough. The Spring lockdown of 2020 brought us amazing weather and a chance to get all our DIY jobs complete, enjoy our local countryside and in turn maintain or improve our fitness. We know it will not be the same when we have short, dark and miserable days.

2020 has reminded us how adaptable our clients are. Everyone has had to change the odd X or ten. Often plans have been scrapped but importantly new plans with new X’s have evolved. We all need to embrace our inner-chameleon, to make positive choices and adapt our lifestyle to make the most of our new environment.

If you had planned to see more of the world in 2020 and 2021 you will no doubt have had to change your plans, recoup money, reassess and decide upon your future travel plans. For those working in the travel industry, like Lisa Hillyard at Travel Counsellors whose services some of our clients use, the constant changing of arrangements has been a logistical nightmare. You may conclude that overseas travel must go on hold for now. Travel is often a key objective, and possibly your most important X, but here we find it frozen in time, waiting for things you do not control.

Revisiting your plan, discussing your lifestyle choices with those around you and being adaptable has never been so important to your wellbeing.

Whether your new X is to develop new skills by booking courses that will make life interesting or revisiting a former hobby or skill, now is the time to implement your new plan and make life pleasurable, irrespective of Covid. There is still the opportunity to grasp life, forge new plans and take control of what you can.

These are the type of conversations we are having everyday with our clients as we continue to do all that we can to encourage those we influence to live a life well lived throughout this period not just when it is behind us.

For our part, we like to lead by example and have done many new things in 2020 so as to ensure that life remains enjoyable. By sharing our own experiences and those of our clients, boosst can act as a conduit of positivity.

If you want to discuss your planning or have friends that you feel should use this opportunity to address their plans, do get in touch as we have never been so keen to help.

Your X is our reason for being. With boosst at your side, let’s make sure your X is one that you will enjoy irrespective.

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