We are excited to announce the launch of:

We have designed a unique 3-part financial education series, exclusively for the friends and family of existing boosst clients. 


There are less than 1,000 Certified Financial Planners™ in the UK, 3 of whom are a part of the boosst team.  The simple fact is that our profession is far too small to help every family in the UK who would benefit from comprehensive Financial Planning. At boosst, we take on 2-3 families as new clients each month… clearly our capacity to help the wider public is limited! But we want to be a part of the solution. By running a series of financial education workshops, we will be able to impact more families and help more households to embrace our favourite phrase – ‘Life is for Living’. Assuming the first series is a success, we will expand the programme and hope to run the workshops three times each year.

The first series is in May 2020, on Wednesday evenings:


Who is it designed for?

Financial Planning is a complex topic and we have a lot to explain. That’s why we’re only seeking attendees that can commit to all three dates in the series.

The “enough?” series focuses on the difficult question that arises as you approach retirement. “Have we accrued enough to comfortably retire and do all that we wish, without running out of money?” The target audience for the “enough?” series is people who have retirement on their horizon but have not previously engaged with a Financial Planner to plan for this transition. 

This event is not designed for the children of clients who are currently in education or the early stages of their career. We hope to run a separate education series for this audience.

We can host up to 12 attendees. If you have a partner we will insist that you attend together to gain maximum value. 

Each evening will have a different focus and the content will be somewhat tailored to suit the attendees. The sessions will broadly focus on:

  1. Wednesday 13th May
    1. What actually is Financial Planning?
    2. How to identify and define what you really want to achieve in life
  2. Wednesday 20th May
    1. Understanding how best to plan for retirement
    2. Inheritance tax – entirely optional… but only with good planning
  3. Wednesday 27th May
    1. Bring it all together – how to create your very own Financial Plan
    2. How to invest – the boosst way
    3. Are you ready to ‘go it alone’, or do you need help to find a Financial Planner?

What does it cost?

We are charging £150, per couple; which includes attendance, food & drink at all 3 sessions. We are not looking to make a profit, this will just help to cover our costs. We will deliver far more value than the cost to attend. 


Our new office includes a purpose-built room for events and training that we like to call ‘Vision’. We have plenty of space for 12 guests and a table wide enough for plenty of pizzas, served fresh from our pizza oven. 

Who do you know that would love the opportunity to attend?

We’re really excited to offer this unique opportunity to help more families. Please share a link to this blog post to give your friends and family direct access to the reservation form below. Feel free to let us know who you have shared the link with. 


Please note that the first series of workshops has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please complete the survey below so that we can note your interest and contact you when we re-launch this educational initiative. 

If you would like to attend, please complete this short survey:


Questions? Get in touch: hello@boosst.financial