We’re thrilled to have won the New Talent Award for boosst’s development efforts and our investment in the future of the financial planning profession.


Why is this so important?

Financial Planning in 2020 remains a relatively small profession, with around 950 Certified Financial Planners working in businesses around the UK. We’re pleased to have three CFP qualified Financial Planners here at boosst… soon to be four after Gabby completes her final assessment.

As a small profession we sadly lack a large pool of talent to recruit from, although that is slowly changing thanks to firms investing in their people and supportive communities like NextGen Planners. If financial planning firms only recruited from each other and didn’t make a conscious effort to grow the talent pool, the profession will be unable to grow at the rate it aspires to, and collectively we won’t be able to help and support as many families and businesses as we would all like to. Set against this backdrop, we think the need to develop talented people is clear, regardless of whether they are University graduates or career changers. 

The boosst Approach

Our development programme has been in place since 2008 and after 12 years of refinements, we formally rebranded as ‘bright to boosst’ earlier this year. This new name captures our desire to take talented people and support them on their journey to become key contributors to boosst. This is important stuff – it’s our future supply of talented team members.

For developing people, we have found our three greatest strengths to be:

  1. Our ability to design roles which place our trainees close to clients, so that they can build and practise their skills from day 1, in a safe and controlled environment. 
  2. The willingness of our most experienced team members to work closely with our trainee’s, be that exam tutoring or day-to-day support.
  3. Our development pathways go far and beyond ‘minimum criteria’. The five year journey guides trainees to reach the very peak of the profession both in terms of financial planning skills and qualifications. 

You can learn more about ‘bright to boosst’ here: LINK

The Award

Professional Adviser is a national media outlet for the financial services sector. Their awards aim to highlight those going the extra mile and publicise the best initiatives to cultivate talent.

We entered our ‘bright to boosst’ development programme for the nations best ‘In-house Development Programme’, as we hadn’t seen anything else quite like it. The judges unanimously agreed!

Here is a short clip from the online awards ceremony of the moment we won: 

Thank you!

We are of course thankful to Professional Adviser for the award and we look forward to opening up the trophy cabinet here at boosst HQ.

The biggest ‘thank you’ must of course go to you, our clients! We’re working hard to grow boosst and support more families with their financial planning – but it is of course you who refer your friends, family members and colleagues to us; and without this support we would be growing without a purpose. So thank you for your continual support!