Let’s start by saying a very big thank-you to the 177 clients who took time in December to share their thoughts and feedback! 🌟

“Feedback is a continual process”

We believe that a constant feedback cycle is an essential ingredient for us to continue our strong but sustainable growth. ‘Growth’ is an interesting phrase in business. At boosst we define growth by the traditional financial metrics like revenue and profit – but also in the human sense… the growth of our team, our culture and increasing the number of clients that we are able to positively impact.

Having previously surveyed our Enterprise Clients some time ago, we decided that 2020 was the year to gain formal input from our Individual Clients to see what we can learn from your side of the financial planning relationship. We engaged with an independent third party to undertake the survey exercise to ensure validity and verify the outputs that we’re sharing.

Our survey had many objectives:

  1. A sense check for client satisfaction. Are we delivering on the services that we provide?
  2. Validating milestones. Are the business objectives that we are setting for the future and the initiatives that we’re investing our energy into aligned with what our clients want to see?
  3. Building our understanding. We think we know what our clients love – but are we right? We can find ourselves asking this question… so we want to periodically check!
  4. Spreading the message. Lots of clients left wonderful comments about boosst, the work we do and the positive impact we have had on their lives. We want to capture these messages to spread the boosst message.

What was the outcome?

  • boosst clients are very satisfied with the work we’re doing.
  • We have taken onboard all thoughts shared and planned our business objectives for 2021 to be directly aligned with the feedback shared.
  • We gained valuable insights for what our clients love. (Unsurprisingly it isn’t the regulated reports that we have to produce to satisfy our regulator) Our clients absolutely love; the human touches, being able to speak to real people, feeling genuinely understood and knowing that as an independent service provider we are on their side.
  • When asked ‘How would you describe boosst to a friend?’ we were welcomed by a thread of over 110 wonderful compliments. Marketeers often say that end-users better describe the good work that a business does than the business itself – and in this case we agree! We were blown away by the positive comments and they certainly raised big smiles when we shared them with the whole boosst team.

We have produced a Survey Infographic which includes more detailed results and client quotes:

One random respondent was selected to win a Private Chef to cook for them and their friends in their own home. The lucky winner was Jan Forsberg, pictured below with his wife Charlotte – who was particularly happy to hear the good news! Chef Danielli will be on his way over to them as soon as it’s safe to arrange for their friends to gather together.