Opening this series for 2021, here is our first ‘5 to 9’ team update! 
With a name inspired by the things we have been doing outside of working hours, here you will find plenty of social activities, team achievements and personal touches. This ‘5 to 9’ post is shared by Gabby.


After closing the office for Christmas, the boosst team returned to work in January just as the country plunged into lockdown 3.0. With the cold weather in full force, we were all mentally prepared that January and February were going to be a challenging couple of months. The lack of sunshine meant that outdoor activities were limited and we had to return to indoor pursuits to keep us occupied at home.

Our Monday Huddles (where the boosst team get together to catch up on the weekends activities) featured a lot of cooking and baking masterpieces! Chloe in particular went above and beyond, creating stone baked pizza from scratch and beautifully decorated rose cupcakes. Safe to say her fiancé Ben has been kept very well fed since the start of 2021!

Dawn has also been doing lots of baking and if you’ve been keeping up-to-date with our team blog’s, you’ll know that she is rather renowned for her carrot cake in particular. Back when the boosst team were in the office, Dawn would bring in one of her prized carrot cakes a few times a year for the team to enjoy, (along with any lucky clients who had timed their visit particularly well!). I can’t stress enough how great this carrot cake is, and the last 12 months without it have been very difficult for team morale! Luckily for Keith, Linda, Josh and I, Dawn baked an extra carrot cake and sent it to us to enjoy in the office – this was, without a doubt, our January highlight!


As January drew to a close, the beast from the east returned with snow arriving and temperatures plummeting. This was the first time we had seen the office and the lake as a winter wonderland – it was truly magical. On our walks to the office in the morning, we spotted lots of different animal footprints in the snow, showing just how many different species the area attracts. We also had a pair of swans return to the lake for a few weeks. The swans are usually very graceful, but this time the frozen lake meant that landings were a bit more challenging for them, with a little bit of ice skating before they eventually reached the water!

It was also the first time that Jennie’s lab Luna had been in the snow. Luna quickly realised how much she loved this strange cold white stuff! So much so, that Jennie couldn’t get her back inside for hours – one very happy, soggy dog!

We have been keeping sprits high within the team with a few fun team socials – our first one was aptly named ‘boosst bingo and beverages’… which is relatively self explanatory! Mel volunteered to be the bingo caller and provided everyone with their bingo cards, he also swotted up on the bingo calls and was ready with his two little duckies and one fat lady! A simple team social, but a brilliant evening all together.

Our other team social was a virtual murder mystery night supporting the Bristol Old Vic Theatre, which came highly recommended by clients Tim and Wendie. This was really well put together, with different actors and actresses playing the parts of the suspects. We all played the role of Inspector and got to meet all of the characters in zoom break-out rooms, to quiz them on their whereabouts on the night of the murder! There were some major twists and turns as the details of the murder began to unfold, and our top suspect changed a number of times as the night continued… It all concluded with the big reveal and a vote of who we thought was guilty. It really was brilliant fun and a great way to support a theatre and their talented actors and actresses. Our virtual team socials have been an excellent way to keep us all connected and share some laughs whilst in lockdown.

Now that the days are getting longer, the mornings and evenings are lighter and the rollout of the vaccine continues, we are all starting to get modestly excited about the months ahead. We hope the same is true for you and your families. As always, we are here whenever you need us, even if that is just for a catch up. 

Stay safe,