As we dive deeper into 2021, here is your next instalment of our ‘5 to 9’ team update! 
With a name inspired by the things we have been doing outside of working hours, here you will find plenty of social activities, team achievements and personal touches. This ‘5 to 9’ post is shared by Gabby.


In the last couple of months we have all been spoilt by the longer evenings, the warmer days and the easing of COVID restrictions. 

We’re excited to say that we have two new faces to introduce to you! Firstly, Yvonne joined the team back in March as our new Enterprise Client Support. She is working closely with Dawn and Keith to provide administration, meeting preparation and support to our Enterprise Clients. Our second addition is Nick, who has joined the Individual Client Support team as a Technical Paraplanner. Nick works alongside Mel, Chloe, Keith, Josh and myself, providing technical help, completing complex calculations and managing reporting for the team. Although both Yvonne and Nick have started their new roles virtually, they have both fully embraced the remote onboarding process and have slotted perfectly into the team. We are looking forward to welcoming them both into the office once we all return. 


At the start of March, it was time for the next boosst team social and working within the remit of socialising from home, we decided to organise a virtual boosst race night. We used a company called ‘Race Night’ who provided video clips of several different horse races, odds for each of the runners and a virtual betting facility where we were each given £50 of imaginary money. We then had to place our bets using the odds (or the colour you liked the most), before watching the race together. You can imagine that this got quite competitive, quite quickly! At one point, the team was sure that the races were rigged, as Josh, Keith and Linda were in 1st, 2nd and 3rd! As the winners betting pots began to build up and the losers betting pots dwindled, we decided that the last race was ‘all in’, meaning everyone had to bet every penny they had left! This threw the leaderboard into disarray with Dawn and Nick’s fiancé taking the top spots and the Butten’s dropping down. Unfortunately for our winners…. the prizes were also ‘virtual’! It was a fantastic night of racing (and maybe a few drinks!) enjoyed by all of the team and their partners. 



The team have also been keeping busy outside of work. Dawn took some time off over Easter and spent the week doing lots of walking in the local area with her husband and two boys. Their highlight was a walk around Woburn, passing the deer park and walking along the edge of Woburn Safari Park. They even managed to see some of the wildlife from the perimeter, including elephants, giraffes, bears and zebras – all very much to their boy’s delight. The restrictions over the last year have certainly compelled us to make the most of the attractions on our doorsteps!

Chloe has also been enjoying the great British countryside, making the most of her local walks around St Albans. A key attraction in St Albans is Verulamium Park, named after the Roman City upon which it stands. The park has over 100 acres of beautiful parkland providing lots of opportunity for walking and exploration. Chloe and her fiancé Ben decided to go on a twilight walk around the park to avoid the crowds and took this beautiful picture at dusk:

Jennie has also been keeping busy (although probably not the kind of busy that the rest of us might want to join her on) – she has joined a 6am bootcamp! By the time we get together on our morning huddle, Jennie puts us all to shame with her exercise goal for the day already completed – Jennie, we salute you!

Josh and I have also been learning a new skill over the past month – how to cook without using meat or fish! After our chocolate blow-out over Easter, we thought it would be a nice opportunity to see if we could replace a couple of our weekly meals with a plant-based meal. We both enjoy meat and fish but sought the challenge of trying new things and being more creative in the kitchen… and it has certainly provided us with a new challenge! So far, our lentil ‘meat’balls, aubergine curry (better than it sounds!) and butternut squash risotto have all been hits and we are enjoying buying new and unusual ingredients from the local farm shop. We’re always looking for recipe ideas, so if you have some that you would be willing to share with us, we would be very grateful!


As April draws to a close, the sunny days are becoming more frequent and the new freedoms allow us to all see our much-loved family and friends – it’s a great time to reflect on how far we have come and feel positive about the future.

We hope you and your families enjoy the next couple of months, and as always, we are here if you need us!

Stay safe,