It’s time to celebrate! 🥳🏆


Having achieved another outstanding result in her final Advanced exam, Vicki has completed her journey to become a Chartered Financial Planner.

Having become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM in 2015, Vicki has continued to build on her technical knowledge, enabling her to better serve the clients who are lucky to work with her.

All of the boosst team are proud of Vicki’s achievement, but Keith in particular is delighted – having mentored Vicki’s development over the last 6 years.

Given time to reflect on her journey, Vicki said:


“Many financial planning firms fund exams for their employees – frankly it is expected of any employer.  On joining Keith and Josh more than 6 year’s ago, I was pleased to say that they did the same.

However, I never ever expected them to believe in me more than I did myself.  I am generally up for any challenge and when Keith suggested that I studied to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM (CFPCM – the experience that only the bravest in our profession even attempt) – I said “go on then..!”

After achieving my CFPCM,  four years later and with a number of advanced diploma exams under my belt, I have truly reached the top of the mountain achieving Chartered Financial Planner Status as well.  I can’t really believe it.  

It is a fact that I never would have done this if Keith and Josh had not put me on the path that they have done and guide me along the way.

Big big thanks to boosst for getting me here!”

Keith added:
“Vicki achieving her Chartered qualification benefits all who seek advice from boosst. I could not be more proud of Vicki and am very much looking forward to sharing the next stage of her development.”
From all of the boosst team – WELL DONE!!